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Songs and dances to the Virgin Mary from 13th century Spain.

A heady cocktail of wild dances, outlandish miracles and ecstatic pilgrim songs are mixed together all in praise of the Virgin Mary bringing medieval Spain alive in a blaze of colour.

La Dolce Vita

Exotic instrumentals and sumptuous polyphony from 14th century Italy.

Love songs fill the air as we serenade you with choice pieces from the end of the medieval period. Indulgent duets are dished up with exotic dances but we still find room to squeeze in a few funky numbers that will have you leaping to your feet.

Ave Hildegard

Hildegard's heavenly music mixes with reflective instrumental improvisations to create a meditative and inspiring evening of music. Can also feature 'Ave Hildegardensis' by Hugh Collins Rice, a suite of contemporary music for medieval instruments inspired by Hildegard von Bingen specially commissioned by Mediva.

Gabriel's Message

Festive music from medieval England.

The sweet harmonies of English polyphony are combined with foot-tapping instrumentals in this celebration of Advent and the Christmas season.

Viva Mediva

A selection of Mediva's hits.

A flexible programme devised to suit the taste and requirement of individual situations made up of Mediva's favourite songs and dances.

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