Mediva: Pure

Mediva has been a fun loving, imaginative and successful medieval group for over ten years, performing a range of music from the 12th - 15th century. Over the years many fantastic musicians have played with the group and Mediva currently consists of a flexible range of musicians and singers who studied and played together during their time at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and have since gone on to become leading specialists in their field. Concerts are full of energy, passion and a love of life, which gets the audience itching to leap to their feet.

Mediva has appeared in many of the major music festivals in the UK and on the Continent and was a finalist in the EMN Young Artists Competition at the York Early Music Festival and the Antwerp International Young Artists Presentation as well as being selected for the EMN Showcase in Brighton. Members of the ensemble have also performed with some of the leading medieval groups including Ensemble Unicorn, Sarband, Lucidarium, Les Haulz et Les Bas and Micrologus and have taught courses or given lectures at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Burg Fuersteneck and Montalbane.

Nox Illuminata, Basel 2010


Mediva has just recorded their third CD - a special commission by the Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society of 15th century Italian dance music by Domenico de Piacenza and his followers. Stay tuned for release date.


Mediva: Pure

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