Plugged: Performers

Ann Allen


The biggest medieval diva around charms the audience with her sultry shawm playing and hypnotic hips...

Benjamin Brodbeck


International jet-set percussionist extraordinaire with the crazy hair and a tape measure fetish...

Marc Lewon

Nickelharp and Lute

Multi-instrumentalist and medieval encyclopaedia becomes a Rock God of the nickelharp when the spotlight is on him...

Jaro Milko


Mr Jaro 'Effects' Milko improvises like there is no tomorrow as the fans begin to dance...

Michelangelo Rinaldi

Accordion and Friscaletto

The tallest Italian with the smallest flute in the world plays a mean accordion riff...

Baptiste Romain

Medieval Fiddle and Bagpipes

The Jimi Hendrix of the medieval fiddle driving the crowd crazy with his spaced out bagpipe solos...

Martin Wyss

Double Bass

The boy from the mountains making it good in the bright city lights with a double bass and a smile to see him through life...

Michi Stulz


The man with the hat can hit the drums like a devil.

Tobie Miller

Hurdy Gurdy

Mistress of the weird and wonderful buzzing beat box.

With guest singers:
Stefanie Grubemann

But... if anyone wants serious info various people have studied in prestigious places like the Jazz Schule Basel, Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Luzern Musikhochschule, and play with other cool bands like Prekmurski Kavbojci, Dexter Doom and the Loveboat Orchestra, Wolfsquinten, Oni Wytars, les haulz et les bas, millenarium...

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